Business Development & Import/Export Consultancy

Business Development

In order to deliver a valuable product or service to the market, a set of activities performed by your company and your partners must work smoothly together.

As businesses become ever more global, their operating structures are also adapting to manage complex supply chains and new management models. These commercially driven changes can have huge implications on taxes, logistics, staff specification, etc. The location of your business and interaction of strategic management, R&D, supply chain and marketing functions, assets and risks are all influencing the success of your business tomorrow.

Business development and value chain analysis can help you to identify opportunities to improve efficiency whilst ensuring you can comply with today’s transparency and business requirements and get ahead of tomorrow’s developments. We offer in many value drivers areas advantages that can help to develop your business and grow it.


Import/Export Consultancy

The importing and exporting process can be a maze to those unfamiliar with the documentation, shipping procedures and various roles involved in the movement of goods from one country to another. Even for the seasoned importer/exporter, doing it all alone can be a hassle. That’s why we provides consulting services for our clients.

Our import/export consultants have worked in every aspect of the business. As an independent export sales consultancy services we provide you specialist expertise and assistance for developing and increasing your export activities. We can help you with product and/or market research, finding agents, distributors and customers.

Up to now we succesfully gave these services to more than 150 companies domesticly and internationaly.  

Our priority is you, the customer. Ensuring that your needs and expectations are met and that you are entirely satisfied with the process from initial enquiry to receipt of goods.

We give Import/Export consultancy services in various industries such as textile, food, paper, corrugated board box,  furniture, cosmetics, etc.Please contact us for details.