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Milk Yarns


Fiber content: 

100% milk protein yarn

milk / cotton 30:70 & 50:50 yarn

milk / viscose  30:70 & 50:50 yarn

milk / modal  30:70 & 50:50 yarn

milk / tencel  30:70 & 50:50 yarn

milk / wool  30:70 & 50:50 yarn


Yarn features:

skin care.   comfortable.   healthy

1)  care skin : with 17 amino acids extracted from milk

2)  comfortable : excellent moisture transportation & air permeability

3)  more healthy : natural anti-bacterial function

4)  colorful : with affinity for dyes, keep color more bright

5)  washable and durable, resistant to fungus, insects



knitting & weaving fabrics, garments, baby clothes,  underwear,  T-shirts,  towels,  pajamas,  bedclothes


What is milk fiber yarn?     


The milk protein fiber is made with milk and acrylic as the raw materials. Extracting the casein from milk firstly, after graft and copolymerization with acrylic molecule by means of new bio-engineering technique, the milk protein fiber will be produced from above spinning solution.

The 17 amino acids from milk are kept in the milk fiber and yarns, they can make the skin more healthy and comfortable. In 2004, the milk protein fiber passed Oeko-Tex standard 100 green certification for the international ecologial textiles.

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